" Our money, our savings, dollars we’re putting aside for tomorrow, for our children and grandchildren, are being used to finance a climate crisis that is destroying their very future. "

We are
Extinction Rebellion

We are students, parents, workers, citizens…
In this campaign and elsewhere, our quest is for climate justice and an equitable ecological transition that includes everyone.

Extinction Rebellion is a global movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience to force governments and institutions to act against the climate emergency and minimize the risk and consequences of social collapse.

Here are our partners

#DontDirtyMyMoney and #quitRBC are Extinction Rebellion Canada initiatives led by XR Montreal and allies from QuΓ©bec, Sherbrooke, Rimouski, Ottawa, Vancouver… Nova-Scotia, New-Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia… XR Youth, XR Elders and other affinity groups.

We would like to thank our partners


Environnement Vert Plus

Democracy Watch

Here are our demands


Tell the Truth

The Government must tell the truth now about how deadly our situation is, it must reverse all policies that reinforce the climate emergency and it must work with the media now to communicate the urgent need for change including what individuals, communities and businesses need to do.


Act Now

The Government must enact legally-binding policies to both halt biodiversity loss and reduce carbon emissions in Canada to net zero by 2025 through planned, reduced, energy consumption.


Citizens’ Assembly For a Vigorous and Inclusive Democracy

We demand the creation of a Citizens’ Assembly responsible for defining and overseeing the measures required to reach these goals.


A Just Transition for All

We demand a just transition that puts the most vulnerable first and prioritises Indigenous sovereignty. We demand a just transition that includes reparations for colonial injustices and measures to correct those injustices led by and for Indigenous peoples, racialised groups and dispossessed communities with the aim of restoring and mending years of environmental injustice. We demand a just transition that establishes a legal framework for the survival of ecosystems, so that they may regenerate and thrive forevermore, and that reverses the effects of ongoing ecocide and halts human extinction as well as the extinction of other species caused by human activity. We demand a healthy planet for all.

Learn more about us: xrqc.org